Warsaw Sentimental Orchestra


Warsaw Sentimental Orchestra is a band with a taste for old melodies of the beginning of the 20th century in Poland. We perform songs of the biggest composers and singers of that time – Adam Aston, Wiera Gran, Mieczysław Fogg, Henryk Wars, Karol Rostworowski, and Henryk Gold. Emotional waltzes, passionate tangos, lively polkas, exhilarating foxtrots, rumbas, and slow-foxes of the interwar period and post-war times are our biggest inspirations. We intent to preserve the style and timeless charm of those melodies while adding our own hint of a modern musical sensitivity.

We debuted at the Polish Radio Folk Festival ‘Nowa Tradycja’ in 2015. A year after, thanks to the involvement of our fans on a crowdfunding website odpalprojekt.pl and the support of Polish Radio 2, our first album “Umówmy się na dziś” came out.

In May 2017 out debut album received the third prize in the Folk Album of the Year competition (Folkowy Fonogram Roku) organized by Polish Radio Folk Center at the Polish Radio Folk Festival ‘Nowa Tradycja’, as well as the Wirualne Gęśle Folk Album of the Year Award in which the winner is chosen by public vote.

The dance repertoire of the interwar period is our endless source of inspiration. Therefore we try to explore it as regularly as possible. Our second album “Tańcz, mój złoty” came out in 2017. The official premiere in a form of a vintage dance party was held at the old banking house of Wilhelm Landau at Senatorska Street in Warsaw.

Our discography is growing dynamically. Two months after the premiere of “Tańcz, mój złoty” our Christmas album “Śpiewnik kolędowy” appeared. We arranged and recorded old repertoire in the style of the prewar recordings, while at the same time looking for inspiration in Polish traditional music. We wanted our carols to accompany families in their shared Christmas celebration.

We are currently working on our next album.


Gabriela Mościcka

vocals, accordion

Lena Nowak


Jakub Fedak


Kazimierz Nitkiewicz


Mateusz Kowalski

percussion instruments

Łukasz Owczynnikow

double bass

Krzysztof Baranowski

guitar, mandolin

Marcin Axis Żebrowski

mandolin, guitar

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